The final schedule of IMC 2016 in Nagoya  with the list of speakers and the descriptions of plenary sessions are here. Please, download the files attached above.  

20160817 Schedule and Speakers IMC 20
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20160817 Description on Plenary Session
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I   Basic Construction of the Program

  Basically,  IMC 2016 consists of  study tours (Monday, before the opening),  plenary sessions (From Tuesday through Friday in the morning)  and workshops  (From Tuesday through Thursday in the afternoon) .

   There will also be a reception and farewell   events with cultural experience

   The preliminary proposal on the plenary sessions cover the themes indicated below.  They are subject to change, because they will be finally decided in March 2016.  

    Prospective speakers and chair persons are listed already. Their names are be indicated on this website.  

    You will be able to send application to organize workshops together with your colleagues from all over the world with based upon guidelines from late January 2016.   

    The workshop program will be organized by the conference participants themselves through the traditional Metropolis call for workshop and  individual paper proposals which will be  launched in February 2016. followed by  conference registration through our website.

   During the conference, attractive cultural experiences  are being planned for our guests  and delegates: 1) A multinational theater will  be producing a show that will explore the themes of migration, integration and international  relations, 2) A citizen’s musical   group will be singing a variety of songs  including those for reconstruction from  disasters.
 Proposed study tours include visits to:

1) the  Toyota Automobile Company and Toyota  City,

2) Local communities of multicultural  coexistence,

3) the Nagoya Regional Immigration  Bureau,

4) University campuses with  international students and researchers,

5)  Municipality agencies serving resettled  refugees,

6) Pre-schools for foreign children,  

7) the Alliance of municipalities for integration  of foreign citizens,


   Study tours will enable you to visit  cities with high density of foreign citizens,  factories with global activities,  facilities for  language and education for children with foreign origins and some organizations related to immigration and integration policies in the Great Nagoya region. 


 Reservation of study tours begins in Autumn 2016.  Please wait . 

You can  find Nagoya Congress Center and  an adequate accommodation.

II   Plenary session themes    

Refugee protection: Our most pressing migration

Managing global risk: migration in situations of crisis

Creating Trust through Wisdom: Co-development and migration in East Asia

Migration, trade, and diaspora: Engines for
economic integration

Asia’s demographic precipice: Migration,  technology, and greater workforce participation

Inclusive development: a new perspective on
immigrant integration

When internal and international migration meet:
best practices for cities

Comprehensive migration policy-making for a re-vitalized Japan   

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