International Metropolis Conference 2016 will take place in Nagoya, Japan

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IMC2014 in Milan
IMC2015 in Mexico City
IMC2015 in Mexico City

    On 7 November 2014, the Steering Committee of International Metropolis in Milan made the decision that the 21st International Metropolis Conference (IMC) be held in Aichi-Nagoya on October 24-28, 2016. 

     On 7 September 2015,  Aichi-Nagoya was confirmed as the venue of the International Metropolis Conference after Mexico City.


    In the meantime,   migration and integration have become one of the most crucial issues in the international society as a result of refugee   crisis in Europe and Middle East .

    Now we really need global discussions not only at the level  of  political summit, but on a broader basis including practitioners, policy makers and researchers. Furthermore, it is necessary to involve Asia when we discuss about such global agenda.


    Therefore, it is of great  significance that  the International  Metropolis Conference takes  place for the first time in Asia.  This is of great significance to the International Metropolis Project too, and we hope that our discussions in Aichi-Nagoya will enlighten and enliven the migration policy discussion in Asia and contribute to the global discussion.  

    We hope also to strengthen the Metropolis network throughout Asia and to motivate increased collaboration between migration scholars, policy makers and practitioners in the region and their counterparts in North America, Europe, and beyond. 

     Our main theme is Creating trust through Wisdom on Migration and Integration. 


 The conference is supported by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Aichi Prefectural Government,  Nagoya City, Kwansei Gakuin University and  the Japan Association for Migration Policy Studies  (See the logos) .   


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