Workshop set-up:  How ?

The final workshop schedule issued on October 11, 2016
The secretariat will inform and explain to the workshop organizers about the final workshop schedule by e-mail. Thank you for your cooperation. See you soon!
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      Facilitating Start-up of Workshops

On behalf of the Organization Committee of International Metropolis 2016 in Aichi-Nagoya, we are very grateful that 50 workshop proposals were submitted by September 18. The secretariat cordially appreciates and respects the initiatives and efforts by the organizers to set up workshops.  All of these proposals have been accepted, while there would be coordination for better management of workshops.  Now, the organizers and participants are requested to make registration.                                                                                                    In addition, the secretariat will receive additional workshop proposals until the total number reaches 80.  You are strongly requested to submit workshops proposals  in September.    

  Everyone is able to submit a proposal for workshop individually through website, even if he or she makes an individual paper proposal without any partners for your workshop. Then you can ask the Secretariat to introduce your partners.

  In addition, the secretariat periodically compiles a list of people, who are seeking for partners of a workshop. In this scheme, even before making a formal workshop proposal, you can find an adequate partner of your workshop by contacting each other.  

Please send your e-mail to the address below and you will get a certain e-mail address of the prospective presenter in the workshop to be set up. 

Every workshop should fill the condition of diversity: presenters with more than one disciplines (practitioner, researcher or policy maker) and with more than one nationality. By filling this requirements. If these are met, the secretariat will send a provisional letter of acceptance within two weeks.

If you wish to be listed this way before submitting your workshop proposal, you can send an e-mail as indicated below.

Through this process, it is expected to create more international and more interdisciplinary networking for collaboration through Metropolis.     

 The mailing address: