Japan has been hit by many disasters in its history.  In restoring disaster stricken  areas, there have been initiatives to  reconstruct communities with music and culture.                                                                                                 On Tuesday, October 25, the Citizen's Musical "Kibou (Hope)", which consists of  many children and grown-ups will  fill your heart with charming and spiritual songs both in Japanese and English.  

Nagoya is famous for  its activities of multinational theatres which consist of  citizens of various nationalities.

On Wednesday, October 26,   "KANGEKI  Theatre" will show you original theatrical performance:  'The face of It',  after the workshops. 

About KANGEKI Theatre:   

Formed in September 2014, KANGEKI Theatre is a collaborative group of artists producing performance work that crosses genres and cultures. Members bring to the group expertise in the areas of dance, acting, directing, sound design and costume design.

About The Face of It’

In this confusing world, one thing we must do is to confront the here and now and endeavour to live in the moment. Are we ever truly able to face up to ourselves?

‘The Face of It’ is a performance piece based on those moments during everyday life when we are forced to stop, recognize and confront our human existence. In this piece, we explore themes such as endurance, materialism and migration in the attempt to ask ourselves, ‘Are we living according to our own will, or simply being propelled through life by forces outside of our control ?

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