Guide to submitting workshop proposals/individual papers for the 2016 International Metropolis Conference, Aichi-Nagoya

 Participating in the 2016 International Metropolis Conference is a great opportunity to extend your network and your knowledge on issues relating to migration, integration, and diversity, and to be part of the Metropolis family. Metropolis is the world’s largest network of researchers, government officials, international organizations, and civil society organizations in the field of migration and population diversity.

Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines below before you submit a proposal and keep in mind that the more your proposal meets these guidelines, the greater the likelihood of its acceptance. Please note that while the guidelines below address a workshop proposal, you can use the same system to submit an individual paper proposal ― we will group successful individual paper proposals into workshops based on commonality of topics, and we will inform you about this in due time.

For any questions and/or concerns not included in this Guide, please contact

1  Criteria for successful workshop proposals

a) The topic of your workshop should relate to the general Metropolis themes of migration, integration, or diversity. We especially welcome workshops featuring the overall theme (Creating Trust through Wisdom on Migration and Integration) and the plenary themes of the the International Metropolis Conference of 2016 in Aichi-Nagoya:

  • Refugee protection: Our most pressing migration dilemma
  • Managing global risk: migration in situations of crisis
  • Creating Trust through Wisdom: Co-development and migration in East Asia
  • Migration, trade, and diaporas: Engines for economic integration
  • Asia’s demographic precipice: Migration, technology, and greater workforce participation
  • Inclusive development: a new perspective on immigrant integration
  • When internal and international migration meet: best practices for cities
  • Comprehensive migration policy-making for a re-vitalized Japan

 However, we will welcome proposals on any of the traditional Metropolis themes, even if they are outside this year’s plenary program.


b) Workshops must include presenters from more than one country and from more than one sector (policy, research, and civil society/NGO). Organizers who experience difficulty in meetings this criterion will benefit from the conference organizers' assistance. Please see Section 2(b) below for more details.


Some points on how to organize a workshop

a) Workshop duration  

Please note that the workshop program will have an upper limit of 90 workshop sessions. This limit is aimed at optimizing attendance in each workshop. You may request a 90 or a 180 minute workshop session (the 180 minute session counts as two workshops).

Accordingly, we may ask organizers of similar workshops to work together and merge their sessions, rather than have many workshops on similar topics.

Please refer to Section 5 below for details related to the workshop structure, including duration of each presentation.


b) Workshop presenters

If you have difficulty in identifying presenters to ensure that the workshop meets the Metropolis criteria (see Section 1), we encourage you to respond to the question on the form, “Are you seeking partners for your workshop?” If you respond “yes”, we will assist you by suggesting names of those with interests similar to yours. Additionally, you may also email conference organisers at


We recommend that presenters limit themselves to one workshop session. If a presenter is in more than one workshop, we may not be able to avoid scheduling conflicts.

If you do have a presenter in your workshop who is also presenting in another session, please relay this information to the conference organizers at so that we can avoid scheduling conflicts.


c) Workshop submission deadline

Proposals can be submitted starting February 15, 2016 through the website.

The deadline is midnight, August 30, 2016 (Japan time).


d) Responsibilities

The primary responsibility for the organization of a workshop rests with the individual workshop organizer(s). The key tasks are: i) determining the subject of the workshop; ii) inviting and confirming presenters; iii) determining the workshop’s format; iv) ensuring that the workshop criteria are met.


The conference organizers will provide a suitable conference room with appropriate audio-visual equipment. We also take responsibility for scheduling your workshop and advertising it in the online and printed programs. Information related to logistics, registration, and accommodation will be provided to workshop organizers by the Organizing Committee. It is the workshop organizers’ responsibility to forward such information to the respective workshop participants.


Workshop schedule

Final results will be communicated as soon as possible, following the first deadline of July 30, 2016. An email confirmation will be sent at the beginning of  August  to  workshop organizers,  whose proposals have been accepted or accepted with conditions. An email notification will also be sent to those whose proposals will not have been accepted.   The additional workshop proposals can be accepted  by August 30 and  by the time when the total number of workshops reaches eighty .

A preliminary workshop schedule (with workshop titles, organizers’ names, and date/time slots) will be released by September 25, 2016.

The final workshop schedule along with the full program (with workshop titles, organizers’ and presenters’ names and date/time slots) will be released by October 10, 2016.  

While every effort will be made to accommodate emergencies, please note that workshops will be scheduled to ensure general conference content flow.


Funding of workshops

Workshops are expected to be self-funded. Although organizers may choose to secure funding for their presenters, they are not responsible for doing so or expected to do so. You may want to make it clear to your potential presenters that the costs associated with their participation in the workshop, and the conference in general, are their responsibility and will not be covered by you, as the workshop organizer, or by the conference organizers. These costs include, but may not be limited to, travel, accommodation, and registration.

Please note that neither the conference organizers nor the Metropolis Secretariat have funds available for workshop presenters or organizers. We do, however, offer a reduced early-bird registration fee for participants. Please consult the registration link for details “Registration”.

All conference delegates, including workshop organizers and presenters, must register for the conference and pay the conference fee. 


Workshop structure

Important note:

Metropolis Conference workshops are intended to build bridges among policy, research, and practice at a regional and international level. As a result, we expect workshops to reserve a significant amount of time for interaction between presenters and audience members.


All workshops are required to include at least 20 (preferably 30) minutes of interaction with the audience per 90 minute session.


It is the responsibility of the workshop organizers to inform their presenters that presentations should be limited to 15-20 minutes in length, and to ensure that there is a mechanism in place to keep presenters to their time limits and to reserve enough time for audience interaction.


In general, workshops include a chair/moderator and 3-4 presentations per 90 minute time slot. Please limit your workshop to 3 or 4 presenters. You may also include a discussant to introduce the discussion period.

Given that the aim of the session is to encourage dialogue and international comparisons, it is recommended that the discussion period take place after all presentations have concluded in each 90 minute time slot. For 180 minute workshops, this format can simply be repeated for the second 90 minute portion of the workshop. 

You can submit a workshop proposal  before making registration.  If you have not registered, you are requested to enter "00000" as ID of registration and submit your proposal.    Submit your workshop proposal first and make registration (wishfully by August 29, with the fee "early bird" ).

Please fill out the form of proposal below and submit it. 

The  twenty  Workshop proposals already listed by July 25 have been acknowledged by the secretariat. We are still waiting for additional sixty  workshop proposals including individual papers. Plenase send your new proposals !